The Food and Wine Festival ended this week at Epcot, and I cannot be consoledÂ đŸ˜ª.

  1. I mean, just look at these fireworks;
  2. And Amanda meeting her idol;
  3. And Cate visiting the land of her forefathers;
  4. And the cutest Magic Bands you’ve ever seen;
  5. And this really big S;
  6. And my spirit animal, Russel from UP;
  7. And me riding “It’s a Small World” for the first time;
  8. And the squad running to the monorail to avoid the crowds to Magic Kingdom;
  9. And stopping by Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe because it’s never too early for Christmas;
  10. And truly appreciating how much Disney invests in the smallest of details.

I’m more obsessed with this place now as an adult than I have ever been as a child. Take me back!

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