Hello, 2017.

Hello, Internet. Nice to see you all again! I know it’s been almost a year since I’ve graced you all with my presence (lol), but I had a project that needed to be finished: Project 365!

2016 was a pivotal year in every aspect of my life. I was tested a fair amount in my personal life, but most importantly I was tested as an artist. For so long I’ve gone with the flow, swimming idly with everyone else as they accomplished their goals. I grew accustomed to being mediocre (not really sure how I allowed that to happen, but just know it’s not happening anymore). Moving to Atlanta, GA, literally, and figuratively, jolted me out of that mindset. For once I asked myself, “What do you really want?”

It took a couple of months, but I finally have an answer: I want to be exceptional. Exceptional in everything I do. So, I will be. The first hurdle was completing Project 365, and I am proud to say I did it. After 10 years of stopping, failing, twiddling my thumbs, and crying, I got it done. Was it pretty? Not really, definitely not my best work. But I wouldn’t change a thing. The only way out is through, and that was the best work I could produce at the time. It’s a process.

Here are some of my favorite moments (oh, the numbers are the days, eg. 002/365):

And, here’s a link to the entire project: https://www.flickr.com/photos/shari-thompson/albums/72157663086184345. (Still can’t believe I can provide a link to the entire project!)

I hope your 2017 has been as fruitful as it has been for me. If not, change it. It’s that easy.

“Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it right!” –Hannah Montana


Jazmine - If you get any more beautiful, I’m going to have to arrest you. This is so lovely, Berry!

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