iPhone Roundup–March

I ❤️ Iphoneography. Don’t get me wrong: I’m still madly in love with my DSLR, but the ease of reaching for my phone and snapping a flower? C’mon, that’s amazing. I’m beginning to take this iPhone thing more seriously, as there’s no reason why my pictures can’t be A-1 all of the time.

Here are some mobile pics that didn’t make it to social media:

Maybe I’ll do one of these roundups every so often! This is fun to archive.

The High

The High Museum of Art.

Atlanta, Georgia. 


(This exhibit is about the drawers of memories we try to take with us. That’s a lot of baggage, my friend.)

Heart Eyes

Since Valentine’s Day is next week, here are some pictures of a couple of my favorite people, Krizia and Gus (no pun intended):

This is what Christmas in Miami looks like (lol).


P.S.–Krizia has known me for almost a decade… Before I even owned a DSLR. What is life.

Mid-Week Field Trip: MLK

I didn’t realize how close I was to MLK’s actual neighborhood until I ventured over to Old Fourth Ward. Have you ever been moved to silence? You will be as you walk up to his porch, down the street to his memorial, and further down the block to his church.

This is an actual Freedom Rider bus!

Happy Black History Month. Let freedom ring, y’all.